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March 2016

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December 2015

Server CRASH!

 After a few rounds server crash because a bug, in order to fix this you must perform a changelevel and the server will download a fixed version ( or you can also download and install the new serve rversion.


September 2014

August 2014

May 2014

GlobalBan duration increased

From today the GlobalBan duration is increased to 288 hours for the first detection, 576 for the second, 1152 for the third and so.

We understand that everyone knows GlobalBan, so we have to be more strict with penalties.

Please see:

March 2014

sXe Injected 15.1 Fix 1 Released!

Fix(!): screenshots kicks/crashes

Fix(!): Improved global ban detections

Fix(!): Fix global ban notification crash

Fix(!): autoupdate HTTP_STATUS_MOVED files

Add(+): proxy server for non-connected countries (Iran)


 sXe Injected Fix 1

 Fix(!): "cannot get client information" on slow computers.


November 2013

sXe Injected 15.0 Released!


(+) Add: __sxei_output

(!) Fix: Screenshot transmission

(!) Fix: Bug fixing


(+) Add: GlobalBan detection methods

(!) Fix: Steam "window name" error

(!) Fix: Hud on steam for screenshot viewer

(!) Fix: Bug fixing

October 2013

sXe Injected 14.5 Released!

 (+) Add: New validations for GlobalBan detection.

 (!) Fix: Screenshot mini-freeze on client

 (!) Fix: Smoke sprite validation

IMPORTANT: GlobalBan penalization could be longer due to seriousness of the fault..

Due to a memory integrity error we have to change from 14.3 to 14.5 with no add/fix.