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  -Can I open sXe after open CS?  
  -Is sXe compatible with 32/64 bits OS?  
  -When im playing with sXe, windows crashes with BSOD, what can I do?  
  -When I open sXe, a message "load error, try again" is displayed, what's the problem?  
  -I added sXe to antivirus exceptions and it still "load error", whats going on?  
  -I took a screenshoot to a player and I can see a teammate behind a wall, could it be a wallhack?  
  -Can a wallhack work with sXe open?  
  -After open sXe and connect to a server, game closes and a notepad opens, what can i do?  
  -sXe ads can increase lag on my CS?  
  -When I connect to server, I get black screen with a "no sXe open" display.  
  -My sXe is working perfectly but i see a "FIX" version on sXe web, should i download it?  
  -sXe don't work for me, should i have to wait for a new version?  
  -Where can I report cheats, bugs, doubts, commentaries?  
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