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Present Conditions Applicable to License Agreement Use sXe Injected 1.1-grants to Licensee a license to use fixed-term, free, nonexclusive, nontransferable license to use the products described in www.sxe-code form subject only to their own internal operations of the Licensee and evaluative as specified hereunder. The license shall not be used in an environment. Production .. 1.2-The term of this License will be from the software download is performed until a new official update of the licensed software. After the deadline, ie the result of a new update download, Licensee's rights on the downloaded product will end and it will stop functioning, ending this License. 1.3-The licensed product contains a code that prevents its use after the expiry of the period in question. Licensee has been informed and agrees with the previous provision. Licensee may not decompile, decode or reverse the software code or part thereof. SXe Injected 1.4-does not offer any warranty on those products to which the Licensee access through this temporary user license. 1.5-All technical information and / or business concerning those products and / or programs under sXe Injected, sXe Injected Documentation and any other information or materials that Licensee has had access in connection with this License which may be disclosed to third parties or the general public be detrimental to the holder will be of the confidential (. Confidential Information.). In particular, the terms of this contract and product descriptions are considered Confidential Information. Licensee acknowledges know that the Product contains confidential information and agree not to display or allow to be seen such Confidential Information and / or used by others without permission. 1.6-The licensed product is not considered a free software, free or not free, but both the program covered by this license, original reproductions thereof, or any copy or part, by either party or any other person, copy the legal rights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and any other intellectual or property, belonging to sXe Injected, so it has sufficient authorization to grant licenses turn on such programs. 1.7-The Licensee is authorized by this license to install and run the software, in its original form, without modification. This allows you to connect and play on servers protected by the software sXe Injected. Any other use other than as permitted in this is strictly prohibited. Similarly, states that the Licensee has no right to sell or sublicense in any form of computer programs under license. If, within their functions are the provision of services to third parties through consultation of information, advice or remote processing of data, it can not perform them on the basis of this licensed program, without the express written sXe Injected. This prohibition extends to any changes that may occur to the software. 1.8-The Present License provides protection for the licensed software in perpetuity, is expressly forbidden to run any programs that could affect or interfere in any way the right operation. 1.9-The Licensee agrees with the discharge of the licensed program, that by using the same, there is a necessary transfer of information in your terminal to use the master server and the game server. Such information may include, not exhaustively or limited, the following: results of tricks, memory and file scanning, capture screens, games, STEAM_ID, time of day, IP address of the client, server, and screen names used . However, properly left clear, that under no circumstances the use of this involves the transfer of personal data or personal or private information, or any other files or folders containing personal. 1.10-The screenshots of the game containing images can be trasferidas to the game server and may be published on the Internet remain the same for public access. Any information about tricks on your system may be reported publicly, including the results of tricks, memory scan and files. Users of this program take full responsibility for these events. Based on their past and current violations with tricks, you can be locked locally or globally to all game servers protected by this I by any associated software. sXe Injected reserves the right to pass such details to other servers or operators of blacklists. 1.11-The free nature of this License to Use, leads to sXe Injected is not obliged to ensure the proper functioning of software or to provide technical support for any failure or error thereof, or failure or error in the use we could give the software by users. However, sXe injected states that the software is properly tested to provide the use for which it was created and likewise gives users the ability to perform queries relating to the program entering its official website www.sxe-injected. and once there, complete the contact form. 1.12-sXe Injected will not be responsible if the laws of the destination country using the user wants to give the software, prohibiting its implementation. 1.13-Remember, installing and using this product, you accept all the terms of this license, stating they have read and understand the scope of the conditions of use of downloaded software. 1.14-The Violation of any of these clauses provide for any statutory period declined agreed, without giving effect to this License, giving rise to the claim for damages that may correspond to sXe Injected by the malicious use of proprietary software. 1-15 - This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Argentina. The United Nations Convention to international sales of goods shall not apply to the present. Any action or dispute relating to this shall be settled, at the option of sxe injected, before the competent Courts of the City of Buenos Aires or by arbitration in the City of Buenos Aires under the arbitration rules chosen by sxe injected. SXe injected Should opt for the option to submit the dispute to arbitration, the decision of the / the arbitrator / s shall be final and any court of appropriate jurisdiction shall be entitled to render a judgment to enforce the arbitration award.
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