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Global Ban
Global ban is the automatic detection of cheats by sXe Injected. These detections can occur at any time without the need to update the client application or server sXe Injected.
  The banned player may not enter any server using sXe Injected.
  The duration of the ban is adjusted according to the number of times the player was previously banned
    1. 288 hours (12 days)
    2. 576 hours (24 days)
    3. 1152 hours (48 days)
    4. [ ... ]
  The idea behind this is to give the opportunity for cheaters to rehabilitate
  Global ban is a deferred ban, this means that a cheater can be banned days or weeks after having used the cheat.
  A globally banned player may not enter the sXe Injected protected server, server will kick cheater with a message explaining the reason and when the global ban cease to have effect.
  The default message is:
Global Your ban will be removed: YYYY/MM/DD HH24:MM:SS GMT
  This, as all messages from the server can be set by editing the language file: sxei.ini
sxei_global_ban = YOU ARE GLOBALLY BANNED!
sxei_global_lifted=Your global ban will be removed:
  A player can check your status in the option "About" in the application sXe Injected.

From here you can also access your public profile which contains information about the current ban and bans history.
IMPORTANT: The global ban are not related to the Local Ban. No admin or any third has interference in the global bans, these last are automated.
  Anyone can access the list of the last players banned from here
  (the full list is not available, only the last 'n' banned)


Global Ban
sXe Injected 15.1 Fix 1 Lançado!
sXe Injected 15.1 Fix 1 Lançado!
sXe Injected 15.2 Fix 4 Lançado!
sXe Injected 15.2 Fix 4 Lançado!

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