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16/32 BitsPerPixel Detection
16/32 BitsPerPixel Detection
16bpp Detection


Games configured to 16 Bits per Pixel (BPP) are usually used to allow players to see through smoke generated by smoke grenades.
This is not considered as a cheat, but, it gives you an advantage over other players. Some servers do not allow 16bpp players to stay on server.
sXe Injected detects the client Bits Per Pixel (BPP) configuration and send that information to the server, when server gets the information change the player's name to "[16bpp] name" (you can configure your server to ignore the player's BPP).

__sxei_16bpp 1/0 (enables/disables detection)
__sxei_16bppshow 1/0 (show/hide [16bpp] on player name / default 1)
__sxei_16bppkick 1/0 (kicks players using [16bpp] displays a message-see picture- default 0)



sXe Server
Novas configurações de detecção de 16bpp
sXe Server
Nuevas configuraciones en detección 16bpp
16bpp Detection
16bpp Detection
16bpp Detection
16bpp Detection

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