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sXe Injected 15.1 Fix 1 Released!

Monday 10 March.
Fix(!): screenshots kicks/crashes Fix(!): Improved global ban detections Fix(!): Fix global ban notification crash Fix(!): autoupdate HTTP_STATUS_MOVED files Add(+): proxy server for non-connected countries (Iran)    sXe Injected Fix 1  Fix(!): "cannot get client information" on slow computers.   ..
sXe Injected 15.1 Fix 1 Released!

sXe Injected 15.0 Released!

Thursday 21 November.
SERVER (+) Add: __sxei_output (!) Fix: Screenshot transmission (!) Fix: Bug fixing CLIENT (+) Add: GlobalBan detection methods (!) Fix: Steam "window name" error (!) Fix: Hud on steam for screenshot viewer (!) Fix: Bug fixing ..
sXe Injected 15.0 Released!

sXe Injected 14.5 Released!

Monday 21 October.
 (+) Add: New validations for GlobalBan detection.  (!) Fix: Screenshot mini-freeze on client  (!) Fix: Smoke sprite validation IMPORTANT: GlobalBan penalization could be longer due to seriousness of the fault.. Due to a memory integrity error we have to change from 14.3 to 14.5 with no add/fix...
sXe Injected 14.5 Released!

sXe Injected 14.2 Fix 5 Released!

Tuesday 10 September.
(!) Fix: Steam updates ..
sXe Injected 14.2 Fix 5 Released!

sXe Injected 14.2 Fix 4 Released!

Thursday 5 September.
(!) Fix: Steam updates (Exe build: 13:14:12 Aug 29 2013 (6153))..
sXe Injected 14.2 Fix 4 Released!
sXe Injected 15.1 Fix 1
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