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March 2012

February 2012

sXe Injected v12.1 Released!


Fix: "subsystem altered!" false positive.

Fix: Alias blocked again

Fix: Anti-SoundHack fixed (server side)

Fix: Client CPU consume 

Fix: Data Execution Prevention (DEP) fixed

Add: new validations for cheats

Add: new challenge

Add: new validations for maps

Add: Command lines added (-gl, -d3d, -soft)

Add: IWS minor bugs

Add: No more advertise while game is open (fps drops fixed). When game is launched advertisement on client is removed. This improves FPS and CPU usage.

Add: Screenshots information. Screenshots has embebed information.Hardware ID, client IP, Server IP, Screenshot Date.



Fix: Minor bug […]

January 2012

sXe Injected v12.0 Released!

New update

Add: Anti-Soundhack Beta 1
Add: New cheats detections

Fix: Unblocked commands
Fix: Lost focus on screenshots
Fix: Upload screenhots lag 
Fix: Deformed ATI screenshots
Fix: CS1.5 duplicated folders
Fix: CS Windows name
Fix: Internationalization fixed
Fix: Anti-Wallhack visualization errors

June 2011

sXe Injected v11.7 Released!

New update sXe Injected v11.7

(!) Fix: Steam compatible (15/04/2011)

(!) Fix: smoke stuff

(!) Fix: bug fixing (OpenGL and drivers general errors)

(+) Add: Tracking functionallity

(+) Add: new hardware id validations


April 2011

November 2010

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